Rules of the Game


The NWSLFL is a 19-week fantasy soccer league based upon the NWSL season.

Each week you are allowed to set a squad based upon all the active players in the NWSL. To be a valid and active roster for a given week your squad must consist of:

  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 5 Defenders
  • 5 Midfielders
  • 3 Forwards

We will be using a 4-4-2 formation in the NWSLFL. There will be 11 starting players each week and 4 reserve players (1 per position). A reserve player will take the place of a starter of the same position only if the starter does not play in a match for a given week; otherwise the reserve player will earn zero points.

Reserve Example: Kristie Mewis is one of your starting midfielders and you have Lori Chalupny as your reserver midfielder. If Mewis never enters the match then she would be replaced by Chalupny and you would earn points for Chalupny.

As this is the first year of the NWSL and the fantasy league we will not be playing with any sort of salary restrictions. The only restrictions we are playing with are you can have up to 5 NWSL Allocated Players in your squad and up to 4 players from the same NWSL team. We will be using the NWSL Allocated Players list located here.

At the beginning of the NWSL season will be assigning players a position based upon the listing on their team's official roster. If a team lists more than one position for a given player then it is up to our discretion to determine the player's position. As the season progresses players may change positions depending on what position their team plays them.

Player Position Example: Before the NWSL season started, Kelley O'Hara was listed as a defender HOWEVER Sky Blue FC has primarily played her as a forward and therefore her position in our system is listed as a forward.

The NWSLFL Fantasy League week runs Friday through Thursday. Below are the roster deadlines for each week of the season:

  • [1] Sat. April 16 @ 6:45pm ET
  • [2] Sat. April 23 @ 6:45pm ET
  • [3] Fri. April 29 @ 6:45pm ET
  • [4] Sat. May 7 @ 6:45pm ET
  • [5] Fri. May 13 @ 6:45pm ET
  • [6] Fri. May 20 @ 8:15pm ET
  • [7] Fri. May 27 @ 6:45pm ET
  • [8] Fri. June 10 @ 6:45pm ET
  • [9] Fri. June 17 @ 6:45pm ET
  • [10] Fri. June 24 @ 6:45pm ET
  • [11] Fri. July 1 @ 6:45pm ET
  • [12] Sat. July 9 @ 6:45pm ET
  • [13] Sat. July 16 @ 6:45pm ET
  • [14] Sat. July 23 @ 6:45pm ET
  • [15] Sat. July 30 @ 6:45pm ET
  • [16] Fri. Aug 26 @ 7:15pm ET
  • [17] Sat. Sept 3 @ 6:45pm ET
  • [18] Sat. Sept 10 @ 7:15pm ET
  • [19] Sat. Sept 24 @ 4:45pm ET

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