We reserve the right to change the scoring system below throughout the season. We do not anticipate having to do so however since the statistics used for the scoring will be provided by the NWSL we may have to adjust based upon what is available. If we do make any changes to the scoring we will let you know.

  • Assist: +4 (all players)
  • Clean Sheet: +6 (GK) (75+ minutes only)
  • Clean Sheet: +8 (D) (75+ minutes only)
  • Goal: +7 (all players)
  • Hat Trick Bonus: +5 (all players)
  • Goal Conceded: -3 (GK)
  • Loss: -2 (GK)
  • Match Winning Goal: +2 (All Players)
  • Own Goal: -3 (All Players)
  • Penalty Kick Miss or Saved: -5 (All Players)
  • Penalty Save: +8 (GK)
  • Red Card: -6 (All Players)
  • Save: +2 (GK)
  • Shot on Goal: +3 (All Players)
  • Draw: +1 (GK)
  • Win: +4 (GK)
  • Yellow Card: -3 (All Players)
  • Fouls Committed: -.5 (All Players)
  • Fouls Suffered: +.5 (All Players)

YELLOW / RED CARD: Our scoring policy for when a player accumulates two yellow cards in a single match which results in a red card, that player will be scored as receiving one yellow and one red card instead of two yellow cards.

Teams will also select a CAPTAIN and VICE-CAPTAIN each week. These players must be on your roster during a given week to be considered for the position. The player who plays at the CAPTAIN will earn double the points in the given week. If your CAPTAIN does not play in a given week then the captain duties will revert to your VICE-CAPTAIN.